Source Initiated Problem with WEF

Source Initiated Problem with WEF



I'm trying to get WEF going with source initiated subscriptions. I've run into one problem where if I create a security group to add systems into, the subscription won't receive anything. If I add them manually to the list of computers in the subscription, it works just fine. This is in contrast to me selecting the Domain Controllers group where I had no problems. Has anyone run into this? I'd like to be able to add by security group in AD.


Have you rebooted the system or purged the Kerberos ticket? That should help. Systems don't know they are in a new group unless one of those two things happens. Read the last row in the chart here for more info:

Thank you, purging the kerberos tickets did it. I knew I had read this somewhere but didn't put 2 and 2 together. 


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