WEF/WEC/Subscriptions maximum

WEF/WEC/Subscriptions maximum



We have about 430 servers as WEF and one WEC server with 32 subscriptions (source initiated).
The setup and configuration is based on the Palantir recommendations.
We always have WEF servers (random), which are suddenly no longer active on certain (not all) subscriptions. After restarting the WINRM service on the affected WEF servers, the fowarding works again.
Microsoft now says (support case with MS) that the number of WEF servers with about 30 subscriptions is too much: We should reduce the number of subscriptions (i.e. combine them).

What are your experiences? Who has a similar number of subscriptions/WEF servers?
What is the experience of Logbinder?
Many Tanks, Sascha


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