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Splunk Event Entries not showing Info


By juerchri - 10/25/2018

Hi guys,

I was able to succesfully configure Supercharger Free with Splunk Free and Splunk App for Logbinder like mentioned here:

Dashboards are working, but when I click a event (doesn't matter which event id) it doesn't really show me info of the event:

Shouldn't it show the event like I can see it in the Supercharger-Destination-ADChanges-Log EventViewer with Info of the 4720 event like who created the user and so on? Does a filter need to be changed or something like that?

Furthermore one question: The collected events are NOT stored in the database right? It's just the file on the hard drive which has been configured with the Event Log in Supercharger WebUI? And Splunk get's info out of this file?

By juerchri - 11/13/2018

Hi guys,

@bjvista: Much appreciated, thanks!
@imrago: Okay thank you, that answers my second question Smile